WOW! The Ultimate Magic Show

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Every Tuesday


Have you always been told that you're funny? You think you can make us laugh? Here is your chance to perform on our stage. Take the mic and show us your best. Join host Vong Show as he welcomes first-timers, amateurs, pros, dares, and lost bets to the stage!

Registration info:

1. To request a 5-minute spot, email the following information to before Friday at midnight for the following Tuesday’s Jokers Amateur Night. You may have to email weekly if you do not get chosen as we receive a lot of requests.

         - Name

         - Phone Number

         - Headshot

         - Instagram Handle 

         - Is this your first time performing standup comedy?  

2. To guarantee yourself a 5-minute spot in the lineup email and confirm that a minimum of 4+ friends or family will purchase tickets for the show as audience members if you are selected to perform.

3. Comedians chosen to perform will be notified via email by Sunday at 12 noon and will be provided a promotional image. Comedians performing are expected to post the promo image to their social media and tag @jokers905club and use the hashtag #jokerintraining.

4. Doors open on Tuesday at 7PM. Check-in with the host in the green room between 8PM & 830PM. Show starts at 9PM.

5. Limited lotto spots are available on the night of the show. Sign up with the host in the green room between 8PM & 830PM. Show starts at 9PM.

6. Professional headliners and touring comedians dropping in will get priority over lotto spots but lower priority than pre-registered guaranteed spots.

7. Open mic performances run from 9PM to 10:30PM. You are expected to stay for the entire show after you complete your performance.

8. ABSOLUTELY NO SIGNING UP for people who aren't at the venue. Comedians caught signing up for their friends will be barred from the show.