WOW! The Ultimate Magic Show

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October 16th


Sponsored by Sharpe Foods

Come out and see comedians have one of their five senses put into sensory overload. 5 comics. 5 senses. 1 cash prize. Everything from hot sauce, smelling salts, VR visor, loud music and objects being tossed (by you!) Come and enjoy the laughs and help judge who had the best set despite their senses being hijacked. Co-Hosted by Neil Griffin and Ryan Sim (who has IBS and will be eating hot sauce) . Headlined by “Legendary” Larry Smith. Larry has been making audiences all over North America laugh for over 38 years. Larry has embraced a career that has taken him across Canada and the north-eastern USA performing with comedy legends such as Gilbert Godfrey, Sam Kinison and Rita Coolridge. Larry brings his unique physical humor style that bring the characters in his story to life on stage.