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115 York Blvd U9
Richmond Hill, Ontario


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On August 22nd, something happened to us that we never thought imaginable.


Our beloved comedy club, the heart of laughter and joy in the Richmond Hill community, fell victim to a break-in early in the morning while we were closed. Once the culprits were inside, they attempted to burn the place down. They lit our bar on fire and spread gasoline all over the place. The bar flames got very high and reached the ceiling. By luck, the fire didn't catch and fizzled out on its own. It could have been worse – much worse! With lucky timing, the fire avoided our overnight deliverers and cleaners.


Even though the fire didn’t spread, this event has severely impacted our business. Windows were smashed, the bar was damaged, the ceiling was damaged, carpets had to be replaced, and shows had to be canceled. Despite the impacts to both our business and our spirit, we believe that the strength of our community shines the brightest.


We are pleased to announce a special fundraiser event that will feature our favorite comedic performers who are donating their time to our cause. This one of a kind event will be a star studded evening that will support our prized Comedy Club in wake of this sad event. Your presence and support at Joker’s Fire Fundraising Show will not only help us rebuild but also spread hope and resilience throughout our community. It is our true belief that laughter conquers all.

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Oct 6, 2023
11:30 p.m.
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