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115 York Blvd U9
Richmond Hill, Ontario


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Martin Phillips, Jared Nathan & Friends

Two Kill Tony Golden Ticket Winners on One Show!!     

Martin Phillips is a stand-up comedian primarily based in Washington DC, but still travels all over the country and has even performed in Alaska! While in college Martin was named the funniest college student in DC and hasn't stopped since; from performing at festivals, like The LA Diversity in Comedy Festival to the Cleveland Comedy Festival, and performing at colleges, appearing on the Kill Tony podcast multiple times as a Golden Ticket winner! 

This is Martin's first-time touring in Canada!

Jared Nathan defines differently abled, having overcome cognitive disabilities to the #1 Kill Tony Golden Ticket winner by appearances to have to have opened for Tony Hingecliffe, Louis J Gomez, Hans Kim, and Aaron Berg Louis. With a friendly, but unique style, Jared is Bad to the BBBBBone. Come laugh hysterically!

Additional Laughs Provided by:

Joel Van Vliet:

Joel was recently seen on Canada’s Got Talent and his blend of musical talent and pushing the limits comedic style can only be truly appreciated by watching him perform live.  Audience members are in for an incredibly edgy show full of witty social commentary and dirty hilarity all brought to you under the guise of catchy original lyrics and melodies. Not only will you leave the theatre laughing, but you’ll be singing along to Joel’s Dirty Songs (sorry, mom!).

Zahan Khursigara:

Zahan is a rising star in the comedy scene. Based in Burlington, Zahan's performances are packed with wild accents, energetic act-outs, and impeccably crafted jokes that keep audiences roaring with laughter.

Robbie Da Silva:

Robbie is an up-and-coming comedian based in Waterloo who has charmed audiences all over Ontario with his quirky humour and fun antics. Robbie is always having fun when he's not on stage he's helping Adults re-live their childhoods selling reto toys.

Golden Ticket Night-Martin Phillips and Jared Nathan
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Golden Ticket Night-Martin Phillips and Jared Nathan

Jul 21, 2024
10:00 PM EDT
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