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115 York Blvd U9
Richmond Hill, Ontario


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The #NO FILTER COMEDY SERIES is exactly what this industry needs at this moment in time. Bringing together some of the best and upcoming comedians in the business. It’s a different kind of show, unfiltered and controversial. Comedians are presented with the opportunity to display themselves in their own element without restriction. Every month these talented artists will join forces to raise money and awareness for multiple charities that will bring many benefits to those in urgent need. Being yourself has never so rewarding. Come joins us every other Wednesday at Jokers Comedy Club and Ace of Spades Lounge.

Tickets for Jokers available @, advanced tickets $25, $30 at the door, first come first serve seating.
Tickets for Ace of Spades available first come first serve, $25 at the door only.
Don’t miss this unique comedy event.

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Oct 4, 2023
11:00 p.m.
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