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WOW! The Ultimate Magic Show

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October 21st


Blows Your Mind

Join the star of TV’s Crossing Jordan House, The Walk and Disney’s Wizards of Waverly Place
Movie for an incredible evening of non-stop sleight of hand and gossip.
Multi-award winning actor and sleight of hand chap Steve Valentine, brings an evening of
Tricks and Tales to Jokers.
Spend the night with Steve Valentine (watching him on stage, no actual sex in the show)
Tricks and Tales
Sleight of Hand and Gossip
With over 250 hours of TV and film to his name Steve Valentine has been in almost everything
you love.
But this Hollywood actor has a secret…
Steve also happens to be a multi-award winning sleight of hand artist.
From Hollywood’s world famous Magic Castle to headlining Las Vegas to touring with the The
Illusionists, this incredible artist brings his own slightly edgy brand of wizardry to…
So come, spend the night with Steve, who knows, he may even do a trick with you…

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